US 300

The US 300 is designed for smaller producers of furniture, wooden and metal parts. The machine is equipped with a enclosed frame and centrally connected extraction dustports. The variety of the position and the number of sandinging heads used and compact design, make the machine suitable for many applications. As standard, the US 300 machine is equipped with two heads with a working diameter of 250 mm, which can work in many configurations: up / down, up / up, up / side, etc.

The heads can be adjusted in height and tilt angle. Additionally, it is possible to use lower heads with a horizontal spindle. The processing parameters are adjusted by the inverters. The machine has a modular structure, which enables the line to be expanded with new sections.

Machine parameters:
grinding width: 300 mm
minimum length of the element: 300 mm
maximum height: 100 mm
working diameter of heads: 250 mm
number of working heads: 2 pcs.
power of working motors of grinders: 1,1 kW
rotation speed: 100-1100 rpm
linear feed speed: 2-20 m/min
feed motor power: 0,75 kW
Additional parameters:
  • smooth feed regulation
  • smooth adjustment of the spindle speed
  • independent height adjustment of the spindles
  • independent adjustment of the direction of rotation of the spindles
  • any position of the heads
  • the possibility of combining several modules into a technological line
  • Other parameters for request