PL series (600 – 1600 mm)

GUMET, by expanding its range with the PL series, is able to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. The improved version is mainly characterized by an enclosed machine frame. As a result, the machine is safer to operate and better dust removal. Independent adjustment of the pressure rollers and the use of a quick change system of cylindrical brushes significantly simplifies operation.

The customer can choose the type and number of working sections. It is possible to equip the machine with standard working drums (power from 3 to 11kW), oscillating discs, planetary stations or a cross grinding section.

The construction of the machine enables processing of short elements with a length of 350 mm. If there is a need to grind shorter elements, it is recommended to use a vacuum feed table. The machine is adapted to work in the production line. There are two control options: with standard potentiometers, buttons and handles, or via the PLC touch panel.

Machine parameters:
working width: 600 – 1600 mm
maximum working height: 100 mm
minimum element length: 350 mm
rotational speed of discs: 200 – 1400 rpm
working diameter of the discs: max. 160 mm
number of cylindrical brushes: max. 6 pcs.
working diameter of cylindrical brushes: max. 330 mm
engine power of working units: 3 – 11 kW
rotational speed of brushes: 200 – 1350 rpm
linear feed speed: 2 – 21 m/min.
feed motor power: 1,5 kW
Additional parameters:
  • precise height adjustment of grinding aggregates
  • independent height adjustment of pressure rollers
  • directional dust extractors
  • possibility of using a vacuum table and PLC control with memory
  • Other parameters for request