Cross cutting machine for flooring

Gumet’s offer includes a series of ACM machines, designed for transverse cutting of the underside of a floorboard.

Following the prevailing trends and customer requirements, most manufacturers of layered wooden floors use transverse undercuts on the underside of the board. Its made to relax the board and increase its flexibility.

The ACM notcher enables precise determination of the distance of cuts from the beginning and end of the board, as well as their depth. The length of the board is also programmable, and the customer can choose the spacing and width of the cuts. The machine can work together with a buffer feeder and a receiving table – then only one person will be involved in operating it.

Machine parameters:
The distance of the cut from the table: 5-40 mm
Min.board length: 450 mm
Working width: 650 mm
Notch width: 1,5 mm
Distance from cuts: 33, 50 or 100 mm
Spindle working length: 300 mm
Work spindle drive: 11 kW
Spindle revolutions: 6000 rpm
Transverse spindle feed: pneumatic
Feed speed: approx. 4 m / min
Feed drive: servo motor
Entrance curtain: pneumatic
Pressure: pneumatic