The new version of the PROFI 300 sander has increased (up to 300 mm) working width. The safety and ergonomics of the machine have been improved. The machine is fully enclosed, and the handles for adjusting the position of the heads are placed on the front panel of the machine. The heads adjusted flexible. The feed is also smoothly regulated by the inverter. The potentiometers and buttons for operating the inverters are also located on the front panel. The user has the option to select the number and side of operation of the heads.

The grinding heads can be opposite to each other or, in the case of narrow elements, skipped in their position. Modules can be combined with each other to form an extensive sanding line. The construction of the machine enables grinding the edges of elements wider than 300 mm. The machine has a modular structure, which enables the line to be expanded with new sections.

Machine parameters:
grinding width: 300 mm
transporter width: 300 mm
grinding height: 100 mm
diameter of heads: 210 mm
minimum element length: 350 mm
number of working heads: 4 or 8 pcs.
power of working motors: 0,55 – 1,1 kW
rotational speed: 100-1100 rpm
linear feed speed: 2-20 m/min.
feed motor power: 0,75 kW
Additional parameters:
  • smooth feed control, transfer of elements on rubberized rollers (1 inverter)
  • smooth adjustment of the spindle speed (1 inverter for four heads)
  • side pressure rollers mounted on springs
  • independ height adjustment of pressure rollers
  • height adjustment handles located on the front panel
  • the possibility of grinding the edges of wide elements (over 300 mm)
  • machine built with enclosed frame
  • the machine can be operated by people on wheelchairs
  • dustport connections located on the machine roof
  • Other parameters for request